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Date: June 4, 2021

Time: 18:00 CEST

Total time of meeting: 1 hour


Richard Fath, Christiane Maier-Stadtherr, Quy Ton, Jacob Waisner, Tuan Pham Ngoc


Discussion outline


During this meeting we discussed the following topic:


  • Current Status
  • Thank you to JeanMarie


Current Status


RC1 is live!

70 PRs merged for J4 over the past week

29 issues closed for J4 over the past week

6 PRs merged for J3 over the past week

8 issues closed for J3 over the past week

If anyone would like to contribute to the Project join us on GitHub at .


Thank you Jean-Marie Simonet


Jean-Marie has decided to resign from the JBS. We wanted to thank him for his work with the JBS for over 6 years and the contributions to Joomla! We wish him well on future endeavors.


Next Meeting

The next team meeting will be: Fri, 18 June at 6:00 PM CEST