By Niels Braczek on 2016-12-07 22:29 in Bug Squad

Last month, as a step towards the new structure, a new team leadership for the Joomla! Bug Squad was elected.

The Bug Squad has not been very active lately as a group, although many of its members have worked on tracker items together with other contributors (thank you for that).

This is going to change. According to the new structure, the JBS has members and contributors. Because of that, two different Glip channels were implemented - one open for everybody (the orginal JBS channel, 'Bug Squad Public Discussion'), and one for team members only ('Bug Squad Team'). The members will meet on that channel once a month and publish the meeting notes on the Volunteers Portal.

Since membership comes with privileges, it will not be granted without qualifying for it. Usually, a new member starts as a contributor, providing or testing fixes on the tracker. Nobody needs to be a member of the JBS to do that. After some time, that person might want to request membership (or even be asked to join), and will be accepted depending on the contributions.

After a certain period of inactivity - currently three months -, people will be removed from the members list.

For the moment, the Skype channel will stay open for fast communication between people working together on issues. Nevertheless, the only official channel is the public Glip channel. Sub teams may choose realtime communications like Skype or Hangouts that suits them most.

We are just starting to get everything on track again. Consolidating communication channels and defining requirements for membership is only a beginning. Discussions will be held with other working groups about responsibilities and cooperation.


Niels Braczek

Team Lead

BTW: Why not head over to the tracker and just test a PR?