By Niels Braczek on 2018-02-16 14:25 in Bug Squad

Friday, December 15th, 2017, 18:00 UTC on Glip



Niels Braczek (NB)


Demis Palma (DP)



Allon Moritz


Jean-Marie Simonet


Kevin Griffiths

Brian Teeman

Leo Lammerink

Chris Davenport

Michael Babker (MB)

Constantin Romankiewicz

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

David Steltz

Nicola Galgano (NG)


Dimitris Grammatikogiannis

Niels van der Veer

Franz Wohlkönig


Peter Martin

George Wilson

Robert Deutz

Harald Leithner


Roland Dalmulder

Hervé Boinnard

Troy Hall (TH)



Quy Ton


Sandra Thevenet (ST)


Yves Hoppe (YH)
Automated Testing



Agenda / Minutes

1 Member List

We don’t have current activity metrics for the last three month.


Franz Wohlkönig proposes to accept Quy Ton as a JBS member. Quy is showing great dedication on the tracker. Quy is accepted unanimously.

2 Volunteers Portal

Please add your address on the Volunteers Portal, if you haven’t done that yet. It is a legal requirement for voting members.

3 PR Priority List

In Rome, no Top10 list was created.

We should ATM use the list provided by Michael Babker:

The list was accepted unanimously.

We want to attract more people from the community to test pull requests. For that, we are going to provide the PR Testing Platform, which makes testing available to average users. Once that platform gets online, we'll advertise it on the Joomla sites and on social media. We'll develop a incentive strategy (badges like StackOverflow, patches like motorcycle clubs, shirts, ...) to gamify issue handling.


4 Issue Assignment

Nicola Galgano proposes to assign BS members to the PRs from the Top10 list, to create more responsibility.

5 Miscellaneous

The October minutes say “There are 10 issues with 2 successful tests that are flagged as "Need Review". We'll go through them, trying to define a strategy for handling them.“

Still needs to be done. Niels will do it.


6 Next Meeting

Regular team meeting each month on the 3rd Friday at 18:00 UTC on Glip.

Next time Friday, Jan, 19th on Glip.