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Automated Testing


Agenda / Minutes

1 Member List

We don’t have current activity metrics for the last three month.

Tuan Pham Ngoc asked for membership. He’s #12 of the most active contributors on the tracker for the last three months.

Tuan Pham Ngoc was accepted unanimously.

Another proposed candidate is Tomasz Narloch, #9 in that list.

Tomasz Narloch was accepted unanimously.

2 PR Priority List

Milestone 3.8.4:

Milestone 3.9.0:


  1. #19406 [bug] Featured article menu item does not respect Show Unauthorised Links menu item parameter

  2. #18483 [postgresql] - schema change rework

  3. #18471 [com_menus] - fix php warning

  4. #18167 aggregateRating microdata

  5. #18166 [microdata] - worstRating should be 1

  6. #17856 Phase out deprecated `$php_errormsg` variable and `track_errors` use in HTTP and Language package

  7. #18441 Support arbitrary relations for stylesheets

  8. #18088 Refactored ExceptionHandler: separated logging and rendering

  9. #17398 Load language strings for a default language to a separate array

  10. #13692 Add an option to defer writing logs

3 Issues Marked as “Need Review” with Successful Tests

In essence, there are two possible problems.

  1. The PR proposes changes, that need a central decision. This decision must be made within the Production Department leadership based on the discussion on the item.

We can support that by introducing a new label `Needs Decision`.

The issues will then be put on PD leadership's agenda.

  1. The PR is more or less useless, it either solves a bogus problem or solves it in a wrong way. In that case, the PR should be closed, and discussion should continue on the issue.

4 PR Testing Platform

We are still waiting for the server to install the platform on.

5 Miscellaneous


6 Volunteers Portal Reminder

Please add your address on the Volunteers Portal, if you haven’t done that yet. It is a legal requirement for voting members.

7 Next Meeting

Regular team meeting each month on the 3rd Friday at 18:00 UTC on Glip.

Next time Friday, Feb, 16th on Glip.