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Meeting Notes: Capital Team
Date/Time 11.06.15 16:15-17:00
Location: Joomla World Conference 2015
Recorder: Mike Demopoulos
In Attendance: Marco Dings, Mike Demopoulos, Joe Sonne, Ronni Christiansen and Sarah Watz
Agenda Items: Joe Sonne Stepping Down as Chair and Process

Discussion Notes: Started by talking about the recent events related to the proposed install from web sponsored banner. Everyone agreed that the situation could have been handled better and we talked about the need to form a process when the capital team wants to solicit sponsors for a benefit that is not already approved by leadership and in their mandated to do.

If such a benefit is discussed Capital will involve other project teams for feedback as well as leadership. In addition, capital will look at methods to inform the leadership of all prospects in the sales pipeline.

We also discussed that Joe Sonne will be stepping down as capital chair effective immediately. This was planned in the months prior between Joe and OSM. Before the Joomla World Conference Mike Demopoulos officially registered interest in the role with OSM. (Mike currently serves as the sponsorship coordinator for the Joomla World Conference. ) Victor and Sarah from OSM communicated with Mike via email during this period. Joe has supported Mike Demopoulos to assume the role.

Sarah proposed that as of this meeting Mike will assume the role as chair. Everyone agreed, Joe will stay involved as we work out a transition plan for the current sponsors and team.

Meeting Ended