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Participants: Helvecio da Silva, Djamel Kherbi, Jason Nickerson, Sandra Decoux, Rowan Hoskyns-Abrahall

Apologies: Luca Marzo, Robert Jacobi, Yves Hoppe

The Joomla Capital team is is pleased to report that we are moving forward with the 2018 Capital initatives.

Discussion outline

  1. Capital Team meeting with the JCM Editor Helvecio daSilva to discuss Sponsored Articles for the Joomla Magazine
  2. Captital Team meeting with Joomla Events Department Coordinator Djamel Kherbi to discuss global event sponsorship
  3. Sponsorship Renewals discussion
  4. Joomla 4 Sponsorship discussion

Actions taken

  • Sponsored Articles approved for the Joomla Community Magazine
  • Global Events Sponsorship Survey approved


Next meeting will take place on Nov 4, 2018 at 1:00pm UTC/GMT on Glip.

Meeting ends after 50 minutes