The Certification Exam & Platform Team (CET) is part of the Joomla! Certification Program for the various Joomla! exams and defining the knowledge area for each role. We are creating the questions and answers for these exams in English.  We are also responsible to create and maintain the certification platform which consist of Exam Delivery, Learning Partners Dashboard, Payments, Enrollment and maintaining directory of Certified Users. We also monitor the exam results and update the questions and/or answers and handle the feedback from exam candidates.  We coordinates the translation of the exams (Subteam CETT) in the different languages.

Parent Team
Certification Team
Date Started
November 2017
Joomler Position Role Date Started
d60c_claudia-weber-lenck.jpg Claudia Weber-Lenck Germany Team Leader Questions Editor Nov 2017
ab65_michael-snoeren.png Michael Snoeren Netherlands Assistant Team Leader Developer Nov 2017
48e3_Chris_Keen.png Chris Keen Netherlands Member Questions Editor Nov 2017
c696_Jeroen.jpg Jeroen Moolenschot Netherlands Member Developer Nov 2017
724c_Glip.jpg Wilco Alsemgeest Netherlands Member Developer Nov 2017


Questions Editor

Team Meeting - 13.12.2017

By Claudia Weber-Lenck on 2017-12-13 20:41 in Certification Exam & Platform Team

 Participants: Chris Keen, Jeroen Moolenschot, Claudia Weber-Lenck  QMS : Chris showed the frontend view for the English language reviewer - Discussion Developer QMS system will be established Language Coordinators should have the administrator exam CEPT will meet on Joomla Camp in...

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Team Meeting - 29.11.2017

By Claudia Weber-Lenck on 2017-11-29 20:27 in Certification Exam & Platform Team

Participants: Wilco Alsemgeest, Chris Keen, Jeroen Moolenschot, Claudia Weber-Lenck 1.Establishing the new team Welcome Meetings will start in future at 20:00 with the whole team and seperates if its necessary in exam and platform groups 2. QMS current state of development: ACL is...

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What are we looking for

  • Exam & Platform Team core members: to coordinate Exam Team activities and to write and review questions and/or to maintain and develop the exam platform
  • Translators: to translate exams into other common languages (currently Italian, French, German, Polish, Spanish and Dutch)
  • Developers to create the Developer Exam

Which type of people are we looking for

  • Willing to be involved long term, at least one year (not compulsory for translators)
  • Knowledge and experience in the relevant exam subject (Administrator, Developer)
  • For Administrator exam, and developers to work on the platform, Translators / Translation coordinators: have passed the relevant certification exam or are willing to pass it.
  • Be generally available for weekly team meetings (Wednesdays at 20:00 CET) and/or other forms of contact
  • English: reading / writing and speaking at least as a second language level
  • Have a lot of staying power and patience because quality goes over quantity
  • Team spirit
  • Not a Joomla! Learning Partner (sorry, due to a possible conflict of interest)

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