By Claudia Weber-Lenck on 2017-11-29 20:27 in Certification Exam & Platform Team

Participants: Wilco Alsemgeest, Chris Keen, Jeroen Moolenschot, Claudia Weber-Lenck

1.Establishing the new team

  • Welcome
  • Meetings will start in future at 20:00 with the whole team and seperates if its necessary in exam and platform groups

2. QMS

  • current state of development: ACL is finished for the 7 languages
  • only frontend editing for reviewer and translators will be possible
  • ACL for English question reviewer needed
  • Form for Supervisors so that they are able to add screenshots and comments about the exam questions from candidates
  • Goal is to finish QMS until end of next week

3. Translation process

  • Subteam for translation with a teamleader for each language and at least two team members (translators)
  • Starts with languages: French, German, Dutch, Polish, Italian and Spanish
  • For each language: Teamleader coordinates the translators and work together with the exam team
  • Start translations after finishing QMS, need to be complete end Q1 2018
  • Finish Italian translation and make it a random exam

4. Team documents / documentation

  • new drive
  • rules & process documentation (e.g. new team member) should be written
  • document templates (e.g. emails to applicants)
  • There should be no personal data in the document drive
  • We will get another status in some time with more possibilities for managing the documents

5. New team members

  • Chris will talk with Nicki Veitch and Laura Gordon about a involvement in our team and send them the NDA

6. Updating the sites in the volunteer sections

  • Chris has setup a new subteam (Certification Exam Translation Team - CETT) with 3 roles Liaison (CEPT member), Coordinator per language, and translators per language.
  • We will add Job opportunities and use the Social Media team, jointly when the new Operations team is restructured

7. Replacing Moodle with a Joomla based solution (LMS or quiz component)

  • Test of Shika from Techjoomla, they offer to develop needed functionality
  • Claudia and Jeroen added to LMS team chat
  • Wilco will add a 'sandbox' version so we can investigate the possibilities and ommisions

8. JCP sprint in Essen

  • Kick-off of the Developer exam
  • one day for CEPT, plan (task) for aim / requirements for next week (CEPT meeting)