By Stefanie Thielmann on 2016-02-21 00:00 in Certification Exam Team

We are very happy to announce, to have finally made up a point system for the Joomla! Certification Exam. It is getting serious with the start of the Certification Program - find out more in last report from the Steering Group.

Every question will have a number of points that can be reached. If you select the right answer(s) you will get 100% of the question value added to your exam result. For wrong answers you will receive a penalty. That can lead to a reduced result or even 0 points for that particular question.

Now we are working very hard on reviewing the last 54 questions out of about 300.

This is the first report of the exam team and a very short one, but it is most important for us to have reached this mile stone, to be able to finalize the exam.