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Participantsjoomla certification

Sarah Watz (OSM)
Sam Suresh (Platform)
Luca Marzo (Operations)
Richard van Tilborg (Marketing)
Oscar Ortiz (Operations)
Stefanie Thielmann (Exam)


Operations Team

COT received some complaints about some Certification Team members that are currently involved as Joomla! Learning Partners and that could have potential advantage. This is not a restriction in a Community where everyone is volunteering. To balance the situation, COT asked for a Learning Guide in the Joomla! Documentation - - in order to provide JLPs indications about topics to teach. 11 JLP have already signed the agreements and are officially involved.

We will have 3 Community events: Joomla! World Conference in Vancouver, JoomlaDay Denver, JoomlaDay Poland.

Platform Team

Sam has provided a form for the Operations Team to easily enroll the new JLPs to the platform. Once a partner is enrolled the JLP has access to the complete platform and can buy Exam seats. Each exam session should have at least 3 attendants. 3 is the minimum number of seats to buy for the JLP, and then they can run the exam The JLP can book a session from the calendar. This topic will be discussed by COT and CPT, in order to have notice enough time before the Exam session.

Exam Team

Top level topics have to be be expanded -Exam Team is working on it. And working on the feedback, delivered from the Malaysian Exam in August

Marketing Team CMT

is working on documents, texts, banners and graphics to provide enough marketing materials to Exam session organisers. Furthermore the Welcome Pack for JLP / JUGs / JoomlaDay organisers is almost ready.

More information about the project -> The Joomla! Certification Program