By Stefanie Thielmann on 2017-02-05 14:14 in Certification Exam Team

In the last 4 years, the Exam Team did all the work in telephone conferences where the tasks were divided between the members. We took the chance to meet after the JoomlaCamp in Essen.

This day gave us the opportunity to work together on a round table and we succeeded in speeding up these processes. Thanks to the project to make this possible.


Wilco Alsemgeest
Chris Keen
Stefanie Thielmann
Claudia Weber-Lenck

The exam team worked on the exam questions and implemented all feedback and discussions resulting from all exams held so far. This took us almost the whole day. We are proud to announce the following:

At this point, there are no known issues regarding the questions.

The maintenance system has been tested and the requirements have been updated. Now all our energy will be put into the development of the maintenance system.

The team has discussed also the upcoming process of translating questions and sets a timeline to provide the first translated exams in late 2017.