By Private Profile 3f48af36 on 2016-01-14 00:00 in Certification Marketing Team

The Joomla! Certification Steering Team started into a new year.

In the meeting the team received an overview about the new energy in the Joomla! Certification Marketing Team. Robert Wilson has created a creative and enthusiastic team to start to raise the awareness for the Certification Program in the near future.

To get all the work done the team tries to reactivate members, who have signed up for the team a long time ago and is looking for volunteers to participate as well. Sign in at if you are interested.

The Exam Team, the Operations Team and the Platform Team have worked hard over the holidays and managed to get the platform almost ready. The new Big Mac Index is released, which will be taken as a basis for the charge of the Joomla! Exam. And the number of questions, ready to be answered by the participants, is growing weekly.

To define a new budget for 2016 we expect 350 people taking the exam, which means an income of about $ 14,000.- . Besides that, we need to have a budget to proctor exams at Joomla! Day events, the Joomla! World Conference or other Joomla! meetings like at the Joomla! User Groups. And we need money for marketing purposes like AdWords and Facebook campaigns and print material like brochures, stickers etc.

The steering group was very happy to see this huge progress over the holidays.