By Stefanie Thielmann on 2016-02-17 15:55 in Certification Marketing Team

Joined by

Sarah Watz President of OSM

Patrick Jungbluth (TL - Certification Training Team)

Sam Suresh (TL- Certification Platform Team)

Richard van Tilborg (TL – Certification Marketing Team)

Stefanie Thielmann (ATL - Certification Exam Team)


A preselected set of badge designs for the Joomla! Certified Administrator where given to the community to vote on. The voting was online for about a week and we already have 200 votes on the badges. As an alternative a new design was presented in the community GLIP chat, which was discussed by some community members. In the Steering Group meeting the Group decided to go on with the voting on the preselected set of badges as any other decision would slow down the process, which is not possible to handle in this state of the project. This means you can still vote on the Joomla! Certification badge for the Joomla! Certified Administrator Version 3 on the Certification Portal.

But we of course do not close our eyes to any of the communities ideas and will hopefully start sharing the badge for a Joomla! Version 4 certificate much earlier with different options.

We hope to have the understanding of the community members on this.


As the platform is ready to be tested the Certification Team is asked to test the platform as intensive as possible. The test is planned until the 15th of March.


After a test phase the questions have to be imported into the platform's database. And the Certification Team can start with a pilot test exam to see, if we have the right quality of the questions and the voting system.

Timeline (keep your fingers crossed)

test by 15th of March

Insert questions into platform by 20th of March

Pilot test by 30th of March

31st of March - launch the Joomla! Certification Program to the public


It was agreed on having a soft launch, to have the ability to work on issues comming up when establishing the system and the certification process.