By Luca Marzo on 2016-02-24 11:07 in Certification Operations Team

This Joomla! Certification Team (General Team) meeting was held on February 23rd, 2016 on Glip.


In attendance

Certification Operation Team: Andre Dreier, Luca Marzo, Chris Keen

Certification Marketing Team: Richard van Tilborg

Certification Exam Team: Stefanie Thielmann, Anja Hage, Marie-Anne Melis, Claudia Weber-Lenck

Certification Platform Team: Sam Suresh, Javier Roig Carlos

Discussion Outline

  • Stefanie Thielmann introduced and moderated this whole Certification Team meeting, giving 5 minutes to a representative from each team to talk about progress of the JCP.

  • Sam Suresh, as Team Leader of the Platform Team, shared with the whole team the progress of the Exam Platform (almost ready) and he showed how to use it, taking exams, adding candidates and buying exam seats. He invited other members to test the platform and use the Issue Report spreadsheet.

  • Luca Marzo, on behalf of Patrick Jungbluth, described the activities of the Operations Team, going through the application evaluation process and sharing statistics and charts about the application as Joomla! Learning Partners (JLPs). Team received 42 total applications as JLPs: 69% pending (waiting for documents/informations), 7,1% ready to sign contracts, 7,1% withdrawn (and re-applied as JUGs), 7,1% rejected (non compliant), 9,5% interviewed (when they send back the interview, they will become “Ready to sign contracts). Contracts for JLPs are currently under review by OSM’s lawyers. Exam prices have been updated to the Big Mac Index (01/2016) and are valid for 12 months. Certification Program qualified for a free JIRA Service Desk instance, Deb Cinkus from COT is currently working to set up the instance.

  • Claudia Weber-Lenck, on behalf of Arjen Schrijvers, talked about the progress of the Exam Team. She said that the team created more than 300 questions for the “Joomla! Administrator Exam”. Team stopped collecting volunteers’ applications as “Exam Translator” due to a non-disclosure policy. Candidates who will pass the Administrator Exam, will be asked to volunteer in Exam translation process. Exam topics has been already published on the Certification Program Website

  • Richard van Tilborg, as Team Leader of the Marketing Team, described activities and targets of the “renewed” Certification Marketing Team, that is working close with the Joomla! Marketing Team. The poll about Badges is currently open for Community vote, more than 200 votes received at the moment. Richard shared the flyer designed for JoomlaDay UK 2016. Team is working on a presentation about the Certification Program and other marketing material for JLPs and events. Team will improve the Certification Program website.

  • All the teams agreed to ask JLPs to help improving the Joomla! Documentation in order to build a valid support material for exam preparation.

  • The whole Certification Team is currently testing the Exam Platform, taking demo exam and reporting issues, in order to improve the quality of the exam environment.


All of these meeting notes are not final and cannot be used as reference.

Meeting ended after 70 minutes.