By Luca Marzo on 2016-09-01 13:31 in Certification Operations Team

The Joomla! Certification Operations Team (COT) meets every Thursday at 1:00 PM GMT. This meeting was held on September 1st, 2016 on Glip.


Team members

In attendance: Luca Marzo, Patrick Jungbluth, Andre Dreier, Pablo Pantoja, Arjen Schrijvers, Richard van Tilborg, Oscar Ortiz.

Absents: Chris Keen, Sam Suresh, Hector Mansilla, Johan Van der Velde, Todd Woodward.

Discussion Outline

  • Luca reported news from the others Certification Teams.

  • Exam team is almost ready with the final re-check of the questions.

  • Sam will provide a link to approved sessions organisers at JoomlaDays in order to allow people to directly book their exam seat.

  • Luca sent Contracts to the pre-approved applicants as JLP.

  • 10 applicants already signed the contracts, so we’re glad to announce that we have already 10 Joomla! Learning Partners.

  • Marketing Team is working hard to complete the Welcome Packs for JLPs / JUGs / JoomlaDays, and also banners, flyers, Landing Page and other documents.

  • As reminder, COT wants to underline that Exam Price is fixed and publicly available here: . Joomla! Learning Partners can’t charge extra money to the exam price. They are invited to provide users bundled packages that include extra services like: Recap lessons, 2/3 hours training, Workshops, etc. to be sold as additional fees. It’s recommended to specify clearly in the bills which is the Exam Fee (fixed) and what are Additional Services fees.

  • To clarify some doubts from JLPs: a Joomla! Learning Partner is able to buy exam seats (as needed) on the Joomla! Exam Platform and will pay for them directly via the platform using PayPal. Bought seats can be assigned as needed to people who will attend the Exam. It’s highly recommended to assign seats only when the candidate is in the Exam Room.

  • As reminder, first sessions approved at JoomlaDays are:

    • JoomlaDay Poland with Richard van Tilborg as Supervisor (September 24, 2016)

    • JoomlaDay Denver (USA) with Sarah Watz as Supervisor (October 1, 2016)

    • JoomlaDay Italy with Luca Marzo as Supervisor (November 12, 2016)

  • COT created an evaluation poll to receive feedbacks (about Experience, Quality, Process) from Exam candidates. This poll will be sent to the Platform Team to be prompted after the Exam. Poll is anonymous.

  • Processed applications, without any answer from the applicant, will be rejected automatically after 30 days.


All of these meeting notes are not final and cannot be used as reference.

Meeting ends after 90 minutes.

Joomla! Learning Partners

Here’s the list of the first approved JLPs:

  • Colt Engine Srl - Italy

  • Polzer Stefan - Austria

  • MU DOT MY PLT - Malaysia

  • XL Web AS - Norway

  • R2H N.V. - The Netherlands

  • Quabu Solutions SL - Spain

  • Werk70 - Germany

  • Pulsar Informatique - France

  • Asysta Webagentur GmbH - Germany

  • SCHRIJVERS123.NL - The Netherlands