By Andrea Gentil on 2017-11-30 15:42 in Certification Operations Team

The Joomla! Certification Operations Team (COT) meets every Thursday at 1:00 PM GMT. This meeting was held on November 30, 2017 on Glip.


Team members

In attendance: Pablo Pantoja, Chris Keen, Andrea Gentil

Absent: Todd Woodward, Oscar Ortiz, Hector Mansilla, Nicky Veitch, Richard van Tilborg,

Apologies:  Luca Marzo, Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall


Discussion Outline:

  • Status of Tasks :

- Status of JLP Directory:  All entries created, next work on style and integration with ticket system

- Todd completed “Update the JLP Interview”, waiting for review.

- Rework the Exam Request Process for JUGs/JoomlaDays: pending (Oscar, Nicky and Andrea)


This will likely be the last meeting of COT as it is, since today we'll close the short voting process started to merge Operations (COT) with Marketing (CMT) into Operations & Marketing Team (COMT). Results will be communicated on Nov 30th.


All of these meeting notes are not final and cannot be used as reference.

Meeting ends after 25 minutes.