By Sam Suresh on 2016-02-17 00:00 in Certification Platform Team


Joomla! Certification is near the launch. Here is an update from the Certification Platform Team (CPT). The Certification Platform Team is responsible to create and maintain the certification platform which consist of;

  1. Exam Delivery
  2. Learning Partners Dashboardlogo
  3. Payments and Enrollment
  4. History and Directory of Certified Users.

At this point the certification platform is almost ready. Currently this team is working on the look and feel.


The CPT members meet every Wednesday 10PM GMT+8.

  • The team is working hard on the platform to complete by 20th March 2016.
  • Nayem is working on Multi User register and reviewed by the team. Sam and Nayem to discuss further on private call on Friday
  • Currently platform support Paypal for payment method. More payment method will be added if there is a request from Operation Team.
  • All exams can only be taken via a Secure Configuration using Safe Exam Browser over SSL.
  • Next week the team will work on Certified User Directory and Profile. Currently the badges (open badges) and PDF certificate is already made available.
  • Team to request finalyzed badges and PDF designs from Marketing Team.
  • Team welcomed new member Javier (Spain).
  • New meeting time to be decided to allow more member to join the meeting.


  • Currently the platform is open for testing by Certification Team members