By Sam Suresh on 2016-05-22 21:04 in Certification Platform Team

The Joomla! certification team worked on several issues during make it happen session at JandBeyond Conference 2016, Barcelona Spain.

Team members present are;13282174 1482308635119397 376147377 n

Sam Suresh (Certification Platform Team)
Nicolas Clavarie (Certification Platform Team)
Patrick Jungbluth (Certification Operation Team)
Luca Marzo (Certification Operation Team)
Anja Hage (Certification Exam Team)

The platform team worked on Certified User Directory, PDF Certificate generation and question results role based access. We made a very good progress and all these task completed. It was a big achievement in such a short time as we are sitting next to each other and no need for an audio conference to discuss for hours.

The operation team worked on reviewing applications for JLP.

As at now the Certification Project is ready to launch.

We will be running second pilot test soon.