By Sam Suresh on 2016-10-12 13:34 in Certification Platform Team

Attendance: Sam Suresh, Michael Snoeren, Chris Keen

Meeting notes published to the community:

  • Sam Suresh welcomed Chris to the team
  • Sam explained how the current platform is built and added current members as Administrators
  • New exam will be setup to follow changes in the improvement plan and will be available for exam at PISA this weekend. This exam will be reviewed by Certification Team leaders before go live.
  • Current exam will be archieved.
  • Chris to explore the platform's backend system to be able to create new exams or manage exams in the future.
  • Sam proposed new method on how a student is registered in the platform. Currently students needed to be registered by exam host one by one to create host-student relationship. The new proposed method will allow host to pick users from the Joomla! database and students can self register.
  • Michael Snoeren to work in the new proposal.
  • Sam advised members to keep safe all backups with password and to enable 2 factor authentications as these data contains sensitive information such as questions, answers and student data.

The certification team currently need new energetic people to contribute in various areas. If you commited to contribute, do contact us via

The platform team members meet every Wednesday 9pm GMT+8.