By Sam Suresh on 2016-10-19 13:44 in Certification Platform Team

Attendance: Sam Suresh, Michael Snoeren, Oscar Ortiz, Chris Keen, Luca Marzo

Meeting notes published to the community:

  • Exam at Pisa, Italy successful. No platform issues reported
  • Sam already setup dev site and dev platform. These 2 source codes are available on Github private repo. Team members now can collaborate in this repo.
  • Michael to work on JLP user selection function.
  • Oscar to improve Certification Directory frontend.
  • Chris to discuss with exam team on new exams/questions and setup in dev site. Dev site can be used as maintenance tool for questions/exams for now.
  • Every exam restored to production site must be reported to Sam before allowing access to other teams.
  • All issues related to platform must be reported via Report an Issue link that can be found at the footer of
  • Sam suggested new meeting time 6pm GMT+8 from next week onwards and all members agreed.

The platform team members meet every Wednesday 9pm GMT+8.