By Sam Suresh on 2016-10-26 10:33 in Certification Platform Team

Attendees: Sam Suresh, Michael Snoeren, Oscar Ortiz

Absence: Chris Keen



Meeting notes published to the community:


  • Oscar worked on CSS to improve certification directory.
  • Michael created a new view for user pickup from User Table. This improvement will create a process change and JLP/JoomlaDay not require to register candidates for exam. Candidates can self register. As this breaks some other process, team to work on this this week.
  • Sam worked on Demo exam to provide a demo of how the exam system work for the public. It will be available from next week onwards.
  • There is a bug the certification directory that prevent public from reading the user avatar. Oscar and Sam to work on a fix this week.


The platform team members meet every Wednesday 6pm GMT+8.