By Sam Suresh on 2017-01-23 17:49 in Certification Platform Team

The Certification Platform Team, a subteam of certification team participated in the Joomla! Super Sprint in London for the past 3 days. Sam Suresh from Malaysia, Michael Snoeren and Chris Keen from Netherlands participated in this sprint.

We made a tremendous progress in the certification platform during the sprint.

Michael Snoeren rewrote the certification user directory with a lot more new features.

The LMS engine upgraded to the latest version and URL rewriting is now enabled. The hosting account PHP version is now upgraded to PHP 7 and compactibility tested with both Joomla! and LMS engine.

The following bugs are fixed;

        Fixed multiple badges in listing dropdown. standardized to one badge only
        Standardize one exam for Version 3 and removed other exams (with randomization feature)
        Enable URL Rewriting to work with SSO
        User avatar is not visible if the user is not logged in bug is fixed
        User profile update timezone and user description is removed.

The following new features are added;

        Certified users can get embed code and embed their badge in their websites
        Certified user profiles are now SEF friendly and social sharing features are added.
        Add new Safe Exam Browser features with Wifi, Reload, Time, Keyboard Layout buttons in the toolbar functions
        Ability for users to display their Telephone number, Email Address and Web site address in the certified user profile
        My Students view for JLP to track their past student and their status
        New live status dashboard for the supervisors to track an ongoing exam
        Exam Startup files now can be revoked after each exam
        A new developer environment is formed for exam team to setup the questions and answers.

        My badges page for certified users to embed and share their badges.

        Dashboards enhanced



Student dashboard for JLPS

Screen Shot 2017 01 24 at 2.02.07 AM

Certified directory profiles with social sharing and Profile URLs are SEF friendly


screenshot supervisor dashboard

Live exam status dashboard for supervisors who monitor the exams.

Besides that, the entire team tested the exam platform. The english wording in the documentation page also proof read and improved.