By Sam Suresh on 2017-03-01 23:54 in Certification Platform Team

Attendees: Sam Suresh, Michael Snoeren, Chris Keen
Absent: Oscar Ortiz

Meeting notes published to the community:

    Sam to review best approach to sell exams in different languages, to different groups (JLP, JUGS, JDays) and in different prices (Big Mac Index). Current process require some manual approval. Also new process should include an approval by supervisor before enrol into an exam to prevent those absent to the exam from accessing the exam by obtaining the password and startup files from others.

    Chris Keen discussed about the question maintenance system and ways to import and export to Certification Platform.
    Chris also requested the accepted XML format.
    Any export the questions maintenance system will go into the Dev site for testing and management. Once it is finalyzed it will be syncronized with exam portal.

    Team to further test on enrolment modification (Supervisor Dashboard) and to remove core changes made previously. This will allow us to use updater and able to keep all systems up to date.

    Michael commented on the look and feel of Joomla! template.

    Sam working on new milestone and roadmap for 2017.

The platform team members meet every two weeks at 7pm GMT+8.