By Sam Suresh on 2017-03-22 13:49 in Certification Platform Team

In attendance: Sam Suresh, Michael Snoeren, Oscar Ortiz

Absence: Chris Keen

Important security release fixed by patching. Further upgrades neccessary to keep source code up to date. An issue created and team to work on this weekend.

There is a bug identified in Supervisor Dashboard and need to be fixed.

Sam requested to add pagination to Supervisor Dashboard as number of users is growing. Michael to work on this.

Core changes in the single sign on will be removed after bug fix to supervisor dashboard. That means supervisor dashboard will be replace to Assign students page.

All future code changes to com_certification should follow by a release in Github that will be installed to production site.

New Ideas

Sam concern that the whole certification team is not keep up to date about exam session results. Exam session result and post mortem is really important to ensure good quality exams. Therefore we shall work on a new feature that will send an email notification of results summary to all team members.

Sam proposed to use Github project and issues/milestones to keep track all subteam activities. This is easier way to visualize whats going on and to keep track tasks.
This will be discussed in the steering team.

Next meeting is on 5th April 2017.