By Sam Suresh on 2017-06-21 12:54 in Certification Platform Team

Joomla! Certification Platform Team Meeting (21 June 2017)


The Joomla! Certification Steering Team meeting was held via Glip


  • In attendance: Sam Suresh, Chris Keen, Michael Snoeren, Nicky Veitch

  • Absent:  Subodh Mahant, Oscar Ortiz

  • Apologies:


  • Progress Update: Able to submit new session,

  • Notification and session moderation done (Email notification to test)

  • This week task: Automate coupon codes creation for country level pricing

  • Supervisor dashboard alert


  • Exam team will review today the system

  • If the minimal features workable, more users to test this system before package for production


  • Nicky will work on compiling all documents related to exam session and create a simple effective courseware for supervisors based on her recent experience.

  • This course is a must for all new supervisors.

  • This course will focus on delivering important information about an exam and troubleshooting steps followed by a simple assessment.


  • To remove old enrolments and automate auto removal using cronjobs