By Private Profile 6fd9e8cd on 2017-01-23 18:40 in Certification Team

Our day in one sentence: We exchanged a ridiculous amount of information and answers!

Day 3 of the Joomla! Sprint in London was absolutely amazing. We are have received so much information and got so many answers to longlasting(X) questions that we are convinced that 1 Joomla! Sprint Day equals 1 month of regular volunteering work!

Without getting into the many details, our team (Certification Marketing Team / CMT) exchanged a lot of information, knowledge, thoughts, solutions and files with the Marketing Work Group (MWG). We found a way to improve communication and build (a) stronger team(s). MWG and CMT discussed how to align their vision and workflow.

Today walls were broken down and new bridges were build. Great results! Upcomings weeks we will both start implementing the matters we agreed on. We didn't just talk about improvements but also starting to work on it immediately (even during the conversations). On a more strategic level we will need some more finetuning, but we made a good start today.

Other accomplishments of the day:

  • Writing newsletters
  • Figuring out how to handle mailings to JUGs (due to privacy) with JUG team and MWG
  • Joining the marketing group meeting were we discussed the Joomla! strategy regarding target audiences
  • Joining the joint session / presentations from the other teams
  • Involving native speaker to check content
  • Creating an introduction presentation for JUGs
  • Team building within the team and with other teams
  • Discussing the removal of flags in the platform system
  • Improving the questions (and categories)
  • Writing documentation for using the development environment
  • Improving the Supervisor Dashboard
  • Discussing the ordering and payment process (not finished yet)
  • Proofreading

Detailed information about the Platform Team can be found in this report:

That's it for this Joomla! Sprint. It has been an amazing event where we connected on a strategic level, personal level with other team member and content level. Tonight we will continue discussing remaining issues.

Looking very forward to the next Sprint to boost the Joomla!Certification Program even more. Big thanks to all the teams!

A Special thanks to Rowan Hoskyns-Abrahall for taking care of everything and more.