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The Joomla! Certification Steering Group meets every Tuesday at 1:00 PM GMT. This meeting was held on February 28, 2017 on Glip.



Team members


In attendance: Luca Marzo, Andrea Gentil, Oscar Ortiz, Sam Suresh, Richard van Tilborg, Stefanie Thielmann, Patrick Jungbluth (partly)


Absents: Sarah Watz, Michael Snoeren, Chris Keen, Claudia Weber-Lenck


Discussion Outline


  • Operation Team Report
    The team is working on the definition on the workflow management extension.
    Furthermore, work on applications JLPs, JUGs and JDays is continuing as expected.
  • Platform Team report:
    The team fixed some small issues.
    Working on milestone/roadmap to improve the overall platform and workflow moving forward.

  • CMT is working on several small things but nothing very exciting. Besides that we are supporting JDO´s to organize exams.
    Acymailing problems are fixed by Rowan (thank you!) start sending mailings to target groups is available now.

  • In-company exams have been discussed. The Operations Team will provide a draft how to handle those events next week.


 Meeting ends after 54 minutes.