By Sam Suresh on 2017-05-02 13:05 in Certification Team

 The Joomla! Certification Steering Team meeting was held on 2 May 2017 via Glip


  • In attendance: Sam Suresh, Luca Marzo, Andrea Gentil, Chris Keen, Oscar Ortiz, Richard Van Tilborg

  • Absent:  

  • Apologies:

Important Notes:-

  • Team voted for Team Leader (TL) again since Stefanie is step down as TL. Sam is the new TL. Luca will be Assistant TL.

  • PDF Certificates are now available to download by students from Exam Portal.

Action Plan:-

  • Steering team to decide on when new questions for minor release (3.7) will be included.

  • New Question Management System(QMS) to be ready in 2 weeks

  • Exam team and Platform team to discuss the QMS features

Sub Team Reports:-

Operations Team Report by Luca Marzo

New volunteer joined the workflow extension group
Team is in a brainstorming phase about the Certification Ambassadors (to replace Regional Coordinator) to improve the awareness of the program.

We had issues with the email notification for the Exam Calendar, but now it has been sorted out.


Exam Team Report by Chris Keen

Will be focusing on the following issues next week;
1. Focus on reviewing 23 questions
2. Export from current production exam site
3. Determine (write down) rules from Exam Team, extra to Certification Team rules
Future work:
4. Recreating images for 3.7 (50% ready) -
5. Review / add questions  for 3.7


Marketing Team Report by Richard Van Tilborg
- Last week we worked hard on different aspects of the website.
- Online Welcome Package for JLPs is almost finished.
- Website is updated to 3.7.0 (Which gave an issue with Widgetkit).
- Widgetkit will be removed/replaced by an alternative.
- We have reviewed the Onboard Process.
- We have updated and finetuned our own Onboard Process en Welcome Document. Both are presented to Steering Group for a review and can be use in other teams afterwards.
- Did not hear from TJ Baker (regarding an exam at JWC).


Platform Team Report by Sam Suresh

- Working on Question Management System (QMS).

- New QMS will be based on com_content and not custom component.

- This is to ensure stability in long run and flexibility.

- New QMS Will be ready to test in 2 weeks from now.

- PDF Certificates are now available to be downloaded by students

- Platform LMS was upgraded to latest LTS.

- Joomla! Upgrade and other maintenance was done