By Sam Suresh on 2017-05-23 12:41 in Certification Team

Joomla! Certification Steering Team Meeting (23 May 2017)


The Joomla! Certification Steering Team meeting was held via Glip


  • In attendance: Sam Suresh, Richard Van Tilborg, Luca Marzo , Andrea Gentil, Oscar Ortiz,

  • Absent:  

  • Apologies: Chris Keen

Important Notes:-

Action Plan:-

  • Exam rules will be added to exam screen.

  • [Backlog] New checklist on platform testing to establish and members from all team to test each process before go live on major updates to prevent bugs

  • Each team to submit budget on Friday.

Sub Team Reports:-

Platform Team Report by Sam Suresh

  • Chris viewed QMS and to come back with feedback for exam team.

  • Status for questions in the QMS to be developed this week.

  • No progress yet on com_session but Michael have started to work on.


Marketing Team Report by Richard Van Tilborg

  • Updated website

  • Working on JAB and JWC Session


Operations Team Report by Luca Marzo

  • Todd prepared a set of questions that can be helpful to prepare the Supervisor orientation, as requested by the Steering group last week.

  • JoomlaDay UK application approved. The organizer to sign the Agreement and we can start all the other processes for that.


No report from Exam Team