By Sam Suresh on 2017-06-13 12:35 in Certification Team

Joomla! Certification All Team Meeting (13 June 2017)


The Joomla! Certification All Team meeting was held via Glip


  • In attendance: Sam Suresh, Richard Van Tilborg, Andrea Gentil, Oscar Ortiz, Ankit Agarwal, Michael Snoeren

Meeting Outline:-






Minor issues fixed.

New member added to the team.

Working on supervisor induction training course. This course will help event organizer and supervisors to understand the process and measures to take when abnormality happens

Platform Team


(Sam Suresh)


Connecting with JoomlaDay and other organizers to explore opportunities for Joomla! Exam.

New member added to the team.

Marketing Team


(Richard Van Tilborg)


Sam requested all teams to clean up team profile and members in the volunteers portal.

All Team


We should set team milestone for next steps. The next big step is translations. Steering team to set milestone next week.

All Team Leaders


All JoomlaDay and event exam request must be evaluated as soon as possible and submit in enrolment form possibly, on the same day as approval. We need to brief the supervisors and need to issue coupon codes for sales.