By Sam Suresh on 2017-06-20 13:06 in Certification Team

Joomla! Certification Steering Team Meeting (20 June 2017)


The Joomla! Certification Steering Team meeting was held via Glip


  • In attendance: Sam Suresh, Luca Marzo, Richard Van Tilborg, Andrea Gentil, Chris Keen, Oscar Ortiz

Important Notes:-

  • COT will reply all application (exam, JLP, JUG) at a maximum 5 days.

Action Plan:-

  • COT  to present status report of applications every week

  • Exam Team to work on QMS Review

  • CPT to work on com_session

Sub Team Reports:-


Platform Team Report by Sam Suresh

  • Met last week and QMS setup on dev environment.

  • Given access to Chris.

  • Michael to update on com_session on tomorrow meeting.

  • New member will be added tomorrow.


Marketing Team Report by Richard Van Tilborg

  • We have send a newsletter to promote future events that may have exams

  • JDUK exam organization and promotion

  • Answerings questions, connect to the community, inform people about the exam, etc.

  • Speaking with "Israel and Uganda" about an exam in their country.

  • Preparing marketing activities (with MWG).


Exam Team Report by Chris Keen

  • Discussed and reviewed JAB candidate Q&A's with scores between 76-80 (just failed).

  • No problems found .


Operation Team Report by Luca Marzo

  • COT met last week,

  • Currently COT doesn't have too many tasks, no new applications at the moment.