By Robert Deutz on 2023-01-24 10:22 in CMS Maintenance Team

Scheduled duration: 60min

Duration: 50min


Participants: Allon Moritz (Team Member), Benjamin Trenkle (Production DC), Christiane Maier-Stadtherr (Team Member), Franciska Perisa (Release Lead 4.2), George Wilson (Team Member), Olivier Buisard(Release Manager 4.3), Richard Fath (Team Member),  Robert Deutz (Team Leader), Shirielle Williams (Release Manager 4.3), Tobias Zulauf (Release Lead 3.10)


Absent: Sigrid Gramlinger (CMS Release Team Liaison), David Jardin (Security Team Liaison), Fedir Zinchuk (Team Member), Hannes Papenberg (Automated Testing Team Liaison), Harald Leithner (Release Lead 5.0), Llewellyn van der Merwe (Team Member), Niels Braczek (Release Lead 5.0), Quy Ton (Team Member), Roland Dalmulder (Release Lead 4.2), Tuan Pham Ngoc (Team Member), Viviana Menzel (Team Member) 


Meeting Results

The team discussed the communication about the merge freeze in the past and decided to pin a post about the freeze in the channel so that anyone can see it better as in the past. We also spoke about the need to freeze branches as git allows to checkout individual commits. The need is based on the fact that branche syncs will be more complicated when we don’t freeze a branche.

We have also spoken about the system tests for the media manager that are still missing after the move to cypress. If the test can not be added in the near future we will let the codeception tests run in parallel to have the media manager tested as needed.

We see the number of open PRs are again getting higher. We need to work on this and the plan is that we meet bi-weekly at 7pm CEST to work on this.