This team is responsible for coordinating all aspects of Joomla! CMS releases.

Date Started
October 2016
Joomler Position Role Date Started
edd4_philprofilepic.png Philip Walton United Kingdom Team Leader Aug 2016
2dc6_work-photo.jpg George Wilson United Kingdom Member 3.10 Release Lead / 4.0 Release Lead Jan 2015
ccbc_avatar_260.jpg Harald Leithner Austria Member 3.9 Release Lead Jan 2019
d0d1_Herve_JandBeyond_2017.jpg Hervé Boinnard Ireland Member Jun 2017
Kevin Griffiths United Kingdom Member Apr 2019
33fa_leo-lammerink.png Leo Lammerink Indonesia Member Aug 2016
5d3e_m.widmann-goss.jpg Marc Widmann Germany Member Aug 2016
6bca_359377.jpg Roland Dalmulder Netherlands Member May 2015
44f4_IMG_20171103_164743.png Sandra Decoux Saint Martin (French part) Member Translations Coordinator Jan 2019
ca4b_sigrid-gramlinger.jpg Sigrid Gramlinger Austria Member Apr 2019
Joomler Position Role Date Started Date Ended
e20b_jwc17_smile.jpg Michael Babker United States Team Leader 3.2 & 3.3 Release Lead Sep 2012 Dec 2014
alessandro-rossi.jpg Alessandro Rossi Italy Member Aug 2016 Apr 2017
6991_dalpat-singh.jpg Dalpat Singh India Member Aug 2016 Mar 2019
a29b_david-hurley.png David Hurley Member Apr 2014 Dec 2014
b57c_ilagnayeru-mig-manickam.png Ilagnayeru (MIG) Manickam India Member Translations Coordinator Mar 2015 Mar 2019
jm-simonet.jpg JM Simonet France Member Translations Coordinator Sep 2012 Feb 2015
87a8_123_4.jpg Marc-Antoine Thevenet Saint Martin (French part) Member Aug 2016 Apr 2017
e20b_jwc17_smile.jpg Michael Babker United States Contributor 3.8 Release Lead Mar 2017 Mar 2019
robert-deutz.png Robert Deutz Germany Member Nov 2015 Feb 2019
roberto-segura.png Roberto Segura Spain Member Feb 2015 May 2015
Tobias Zulauf Germany Member Sep 2016 Dec 2016

3.10 Release Lead / 4.0 Release Lead

3.2 & 3.3 Release Lead

3.8 Release Lead

3.9 Release Lead

Translations Coordinator

Workflow Documentor

CMS Release Team Meeting Report

By Philip Walton on 2019-03-23 10:45 in CMS Release Team

Meeting  20th March 2019 6 pm UTC In attendance:Hervé Boinnard, George Wilson, Leo Lammerink, Yves Hoppe, Sandra Decoux, Harald Leithner, Phil Walton Unable to make it:Marc Widmann Discussion outline With Joomla 4 on the horizon and a new Production lead in place its a good...

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1st Meeting of the CMS Release Team

By Robert Deutz on 2016-09-27 18:20 in CMS Release Team

CMS Release Team (CMS RT) Meeting Report     Discussion outline Purpose of this group (Robert) Meetings Procedure Proposal (Robert) Introducing Members (All) Next Patch Release 3.6.3 (Robert) Patch Release 3.6.4 (Robert) Next Minor Release (Robert) Next...

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