By Philip Walton on 2020-04-04 19:17 in CMS Release Team

The idea for the event came out of a Production meeting on the 24th March and was suggested by Bug Squad team lead Nicola Galganosuggested that while in lockdown we should do a mini PBF.

Unfortunately, my microphone was on and I coughed in the tumbleweed silence that followed Marcos Dings request for someone to work on the event. I was involved with the last PBF in the background doing the translation for the PBF site so agreed I would take it under the Production/CMS release team umbrella as we are well placed to test requests.

So at the weekend and the following week, I liaised with Benjamin Trenkle to pick his brains and pinch the last PBF spreadsheet. George Wilson and I then set up the spreadsheet with the pull requests documents and patch tests that he thought were the most urgent.

George gave up many evenings until very late to sort that so thank you. I then wrote the article now that we had the scope and plan to execute the idea. Thank you Elisa Foltyn for dropping everything and doing the graphics. They all made me laugh but the dog with the mask just lept out as the one to sum it up.

The SM team all helping to correct and publish it so it carried at 4pm Friday just in time for a run through the next day.

Saturday 6 UTC I opened the room to find Nicola Galgano waiting patiently outside the virtual door. We started the work and waited for others to join. A few showed and went until 11.30 George and Benjamin swiftly followed by Robert Deutz and Brian Teeman. There followed a solid period of work and a bug in patch tester reported and then fixed very swiftly by Roland Dalmulder, thank you for making it a priority.

I decided that I would tackle the documentation aimed at allowing new people to do the whole localhost setup and install of Joomla so they could then test and be part of the CMS release team. 

There were many versions of the same document all referring to very old methods and screenshots. I have rewritten and charted the windows journey through and will tackle Linux and Mac users next. Included is adding a database via phpMyAdmin completing the basic environment to then install a nightly build from Joomla.

15 hours on and there are still three working in the rooms. 

With the documentation updated and the patch tester fixed we are in a really good place to have a lot more people join in and help get J4 finished. If you are new to the development/docs side of Joomla I will be posting a room and instructions for a mini induction Friday evening. A great chance to get up to speed. Then Saturday the 11th I will be opening the PBF without a P room again and asking as many as can spare some time during the lockdown to work through the spreadsheets in the company of some experienced Joomla users. A great time to share learn and give back to the project.

Stay safe, stay indoors and hope to see you soon

Phil Walton