By Philip Walton on 2020-06-02 16:36 in CMS Release Team

CMS Release Team Meeting Minutes 26th May 2020 was held at 1700 UTC Event time TZ


Scheduled duration: 30min
Duration: 50 min


Philip Walton (Team Leader), Christiane Viatte, Harald Leithner, Hervé Boinnard, Jenn Gress, Marc Widmann, Sigrid Gramlinger, Stefan Wendhausen

Absent with notice: 

Tobias Zulauf

Absent without notice:

George Wilson, Mike Brandner, Rachel Walraven, Robert Deutz, Chetan

    1. Welcome:
      Phil welcomed those that were present and we established all could hear but Marcs microphone was not working so he was typing his responses.
    2. Nominations for Assistant team lead: 
      Phil Nominated Sigrid and asked if there were any other nominations from those present. None came forward
    3. Election of an Assistant team lead: 
      Five people were present in the meeting at the time. Originally it was thought the vote was four in favour and one against but it transpired that the answer "no" was to any objections and the clarification allows it to be recorded as an unanimous 5 - 0 from all those present. Well done Sigrid
    4. Anyone who is testing the security patch is requested/required to sign the joomla NDA ( ):
      Phil explained that there was a proposal for the security patches to be released earlier to the team if members of the CMS Release team were to join the Security Strike Team (JSST) and they were to sign the NDA. There was discussion around the signing of the NDA and whether such agreements had a place in open source software.
      It was also pointed out that as NDAs went it was not the most arduous and that those who were well known to the team, who were prepared to sign the NDA and who were happy to join the JSST in a capacity to have early site to the patches would be added. 
      This allowed the CMS release team to be open to all without the concern that the security patches would be open to all. 
    5. Replacement of sheet with a component:
      It was explained that there is a proposal to change the sheet currently used to check the releases against into a component and that this will give the ability to install the component into the test environment and the stats of the tests to be collected centrally but each would be in charge of their own.
      Jenn started a discussion centred on ways we could make this available in the release channel with a link or description in the XML. Harald explained how this could be achieved.
    6. Ideas to increase participation:
      Several ideas were floated. Pushing it in the Bugs & Fun @Home on Saturdays. There was some talk around pushing more information to JUGs and questions asked as to whether they still had a newsletter. Jugs two weeks before the release should be signposted so that JUGS could test. 
      One suggestion was if they testing component could be made to push testing stats to the volunteers portal then there could be some testing competition. Gamification of testing. A concept mentioned before by others including the current VP.
      Sigrid asked Harald if the number of downloaded RCs were available in the Joomla Stats. Harald enquired and the answer was no they are not currently available. All who expressed an opinion said that the ability to see how many RCs had been downloaded before the Stable was released would be a good idea to gauge the testing going on. There was also discussion on involving developers more and pushing out to them to test the RC
    7. Any Other Business (AOB) Next release should be Wednesday!


Meeting ended at 18.50 UTC