By Sigrid Gramlinger on 2021-02-23 17:39 in CMS Release Team

Wed, Feb 17, 2021, UTC 18:00

Duration: 60 min


Sigrid Gramlinger (Team Leader), Stefan Wendhausen (Assistant Team Leader), Christiane Viatte, George Wilson (4.0 Release Lead), Marc Widmann, Philip Walton, Rachel Walraven, Tobias Zulauf (3.10 Release Lead)


1. Next Joomla 3.9.25 release

The RC will be released next week. Testing schedule will be like usual. If there will be any specific testing areas to focus, Harald and/or Tobias will inform the team in the team channel. 

2. Status of 3.10 and 4.0

Status 3.10:
For Tobias, there is only one issue open he wants with more feedback and testing, please test the following:
Compatibility Checker

Status 4.0:
George says basically everything is ok. He thanks the team for testing the BS5 merge.

3. Status of EOL Plugin 3.10

Phil and Tobias showed us the current status of the EOL plugin. Then, there was an intensive discussion when and what message to be shown.

There will be weekly changing language strings to inform about the EOL cycle and give update information. People (i.e. agencies) can change the language strings according to what they want to show their clients.

The final idea was to show the message from the beginn of 3.10 but make it possible to “snooze” the message right there with a button - snooze will be effective until each next level gets active (warning and danger). So, we can prevent people from easily turning off the whole plugin. If you only dismiss the message, you don’t need to deactivate the plugin.

Tobias already wrote a draft for the magazine article that will be published in March to give more insight in the EOL plugin.

4. Testing Profiles

If you haven’t filled in your testing profile please do in the testing sheet. Link is in the team channel pinned

Next meeting scheduled for Wed Feb. 17, 18:00 UTC.