By Sigrid Gramlinger on 2021-06-11 13:31 in CMS Release Team

Duration:  90 min


Sigrid Gramlinger (Team Leader), Philip Walton, Tobias Zulauf, Rachel Walraven, Claudia Weber-Lenk, Stefan Wendhausen, Benjamin Trenkle, Harald Leithner   


EOS Plugin 3.10
We discussed the current version of the EOS Plugin. The final agreement for the plugin is as follows:

There is a short message in the quickicon position.
There is a note/warning/error message at the top of the administration.
The note and warning messages can be snoozed until the next message will show.
The error message cannot be snoozed.
All backend users can snooze the message.
The snooze button will have a more informative label: “Snooze for all users”

The latest version of the language strings is (please see github for newest changes):
(The language strings will be checked and maybe reworded by Phil Walton and Jenn Gress to optimize and synchronize messages on all channels)

Current language string versions are on github

22 months before EOS (note/blue - can be snoozed)


16 months before EOS (note/blue - can be snoozed)


12 months before EOS (warning/yellow - can be snoozed)


6 months before EOS (warning/yellow - can be snoozed)


After day 0 (EOS) (error/red - cannot be snoozed)


Joomla 4 Testing

Benjamin suggests to make more code sprints in the next time, not only testing on Friday afternoons. He has offered to coordinate a small Pizza, Bugs & Fun, probably in the next two weeks. Benjamin will try to get about 10 people. GSOC students can be asked too.

Phil Walton informed us about the plan of JUG London to do some RC testing with Extensions. JUG Cologne has similar plans.

We will have smaller Release Candidate Meetings for each RC always on Wednesdays after a release at 18 UTC. These meetings will be open to other people too. We will ask Bug Squad to join. It should be a short recap of the Release.
The first RC Meeting will be on Wed. June 16, 18 UTC, planned time 30 min.

Next CMS Release team meeting is scheduled for Wed July 7, 18:00 UTC.