By Sigrid Gramlinger on 2021-08-24 15:15 in CMS Release Team

Thu, Aug 12, 2021, UTC 18:00

Duration:  75 Minutes


Jenn, Rachel, Stefan, Sigrid, Tobias, Harald, Phil, Benjamin


1. Joomla 3.10

Jenn noted that the upgrade link is different, Tobias will check. Testing should work with the Update Server with option “stable”. The issue has been patched during the meeting

There will be no Security Issues in 3.10.0

Claudia and Rachel did some testing (see Testing Check Sheet):
Updating to 3.10 it was ok, but 4.0 backend gave 500-errors in the backend. They will continue to check where it comes from.

2. Documentation

All discussed docs (see last meeting) are there - Thanks so much Jenn!!!

3. Landing Page → needs to be adapted for Joomla 4
Jenn will send screenshot and links to the channel and per email to Harald/George

4. Testing

In general in our experience, testing a migration to Joomla4 works for core, but as there are still popular components that are not ready for J4, it is not possible to test complex (=real live) Joomla installations completely. As soon as there are more templates and extensions available the whole process can be tested more thoroughly.

5. Routing

URLs might change after upgrade to J4 when modern routing was not active before in J3. This should be mentioned in planning for migration.
There should be some information what kind of URLs (i.e. category part ) might change.

Possible solution:
Turn on com_redirect with collecting of 404 URLs after upgrade to catch errors.
If modern routing is not active before upgrade, you should see a notification.
In the migration docs: add recommendation to run a broken link checker after migration or after enabling Modern routing.

Sigrid will check with Jenn if it is in Docs.
Jenn added already a step to the docs:

6. Protostar Template

In the Pre-Upgrade Checker, there should be a template warning when Protostar is in use, as Protostar Template is deleted in migration to J4
A notification should be shown with check if Protostar is default template or if it is in a menu item
Tobias: PR has been done but might only be going live with 3.10.1:

7. Backend template

What if BE Template in J3 (Isis) is copied - what will happen after upgrade?
Will J4 Admin Template always be active? Will there be a notice/warning?
Tobias: PR needs tests:


Next CMS Release team meeting is scheduled for Wed. Sept. 1st, 18:00 UTC.