By Sigrid Gramlinger on 2022-02-02 16:42 in CMS Release Team

Wed, Jan 26, 2021, UTC 18:00

Duration: 60 Minutes


Stefan, Roland, Claudia, Jenn, Niels, Harald, Rachel, Phil, Sigrid


1. Release Cycle

We discussed the concerns about a two-years major release cycle. There are pros and cons. We wanted to hear what the community thinks (see i.e. magazine article and community channel discussion) and help to prepare and understand the reasons.

One perception is also that the community got back more active since J4. We don’t want to fall back for years of waiting for the next major.

One reason for the 2 year cycle for major versions is that we need to increase requirements for i.e. PHP and database versions. We only can do that with majors.
Another argument is also that because it is a major version it does not necessarily mean b/c breaks. We are still in planning and maybe even keep MVC.


Note: Since meeting we discussed an easy “neutral” feedback form outside github.


2. Plans for Joomla 5

Requests for feedback have been published in the Magazine and the Production Department Team Leaders channel on Glip. Some comments suggest that the proposals are too technical and do not take into account the needs of users. We counter that this is our wish list and that we are asking for feedback precisely to find out what the users' needs are. Moreover, the list is only preliminary, a final vote and prioritisation is still pending. We ask the marketing team to better communicate these aspects.

3. Joomla 4.2

Roland and Franciska are coordinating the timeline and feature ideas. They are also checking github discussions. We talked about different possibilities and will add them to github discussions.

4. Joomla 4.1

The team tested the new features: we got some feedback about the accessibility checker for template providers. It is working with Helix, but not yet with Yootheme. We will also try to check with Gantry and Rocket.
For the scheduler the documentation is still missing. Stefan tried to contact Mike for help pages. There should be video recordings from past presentations for the scheduler, we could use that as the basis for documentation.

Next CMS Release team meeting is scheduled for Wed. Feb 16, 18:00 UTC