By Sigrid Gramlinger on 2022-03-22 16:16 in CMS Release Team

Wed, March 09, 2021, UTC 19:00

Duration: 90 Minutes


Niels, Roland, Stefan, Benjamin, Sigrid, Rachel, Claudia, Phil, Christiane, Jenn


1. Release 4.1

  • Change the release time to 4pm UTC
  • Aligned with Framework release team how releases can happen

2. Release 4.2

Status of features?
What will Joomla 4.2 bring in August 2022?
The Day After Joomla 4.0 - Planning the Future

Find out what the status is of the Multi-Domain Working group
Multidomain Working Group

The cookie manager,, will be picked up and completed by Rishabh.

Philip Walton will be donating his plugin for workflow emails to Joomla and this will be included in the Joomla 4.2 release.

For testing 4.2 there is a Pizza, Bugs and Fun event planned around 4.2 beta2 in June.

3. Testing

Codeception and - Sigrid and Franciska had a short meeting

4. Team Goals

Sigrid will write down the discussed team goals (time plan for releases, automated testing, documentation, RL description/requirements, collaboration with software architecture, increase number of testers) for the next meeting.

Next CMS Release team meeting is scheduled for Wed. March 30, 19:00 UTC