By Sigrid Gramlinger on 2022-04-04 20:38 in CMS Release Team

Wed, March 30, 2021, UTC 19:00

Duration: 75 Minutes


Tobias Zulauf, Benjamin Trenkle, Christiane Maier-Stadtherr, Sigrid Gramlinger, Niels Braczek, Stefan Wendhausen, Roland Dalmulder, Harald Leithner, Jenn Gress, Claudia Weber-Lenck, David Jardin (guest)


Post release process

Short Recap of last releases

Benjamin and Sigrid will prepare a “Post Release Process” with support of marketing and others (TBN). This will be discussed in the next meeting.

Team Lead Elections
Tobias has created an adoodle for team lead election. Thank you!

Team Goals

Stefan and Sigrid will go through the goals. We want realistic goals for tasks within our team and connection to others.

Release 3.10

3.10.7 & 3.10.8 have been released.

Release 4.1

Released two successful releases. Teams are working together better and better.

Release 4.2

The first alpha has been released with a few nice features and one bug. Thanks to Benjamin to help out with the release. Now it is on to the next alpha release and see what the community is going to create.

Release 5

Harald and I (Niels) discussed the roadmap for Joomla 5. Long story short, we’ll stand with the list we have so far; we’ll just not advertise those features that need a lot of explanation to be understandable for “non-Software-Architects”.


Next CMS Release team meeting is scheduled for Wed. April 20, 19:00 UTC