By Benjamin Trenkle on 2023-10-18 22:44 in CMS Release Team

Christiane Maier-Stadtherr, Jennifer Gress, Shrielle Williams, Martin Kopp, Harald Leithner, Olivier Buisard, Benjamin Trenkle, Sigrid Gramlinger, Martina Scholz, Luca Rachetti


Release Manager 4.4

Joomla 4.4.0 released

Release Manager 5.0

Joomla 5.0.0 released

Release Manager 5.1

Meeting with SD and Olivier on next Thursday for brainstorming

Other business

  • New testing member needed. Ideas:
    • Extra public chat to give people the possibility to give feedback
    • Regular public meetings to test together
    • Topic based testing to focus on certain aspects
    • SD investigating ideas for involving JUGs
  • Internship started with Charvi, automate Testing Sheet
  • Looking for Testing Newsletter