By Benjamin Trenkle on 2023-11-08 18:47 in CMS Release Team

Benjamin Trenkle, Stefan Wendhausen, Charvi Mehra, Sigrid Gramlinger, Martina Scholz, Martin Kopp, Olivier Buisard, Franciska Eichert, Christiane Maier-Stadtherr, Shirielle Williams, Jennifer Gress, Phil Walton


Testing sheet

Charvi presents current status of the internship

Release 4.4

64 Open PR, 9 assigned


  • We have 18 (25 with all german packages) for 4.4.0.x and the same packages for 5.0.0.x
  • We have 46 packages for 4.x in sum
  • There was a small problem with the version numbers used in the Estonian language pack. The proofreader is taking care of it and to be on the safe side I have withdrawn the language pack and deleted it from the language server.