By Robert Deutz on 2016-09-27 18:20 in CMS Release Team

CMS Release Team (CMS RT) Meeting Report



Discussion outline

  • Purpose of this group (Robert)
  • Meetings Procedure Proposal (Robert)
  • Introducing Members (All)
  • Next Patch Release 3.6.3 (Robert)
  • Patch Release 3.6.4 (Robert)
  • Next Minor Release (Robert)
  • Next steps



  • Release schedule patch releases #11921 (Robert)


Presents: Robert Deutz, Tobias Zulauf, Marc-Antoine Thevenet (MATsxm), Philip Walton, Slawek Sikora, Alessandro Rossi (AlexRed), Leo Lammerink, George Wilson (ish)

Absent: Fabio Assenzio, Roland Dalmulder, Dalpat Singh

Time:  16:00 UTC (timeanddate)

Total time of the meeting:  120minutes


Discussion outline

Purpose of this group (Robert)

  • Test releases of the CMS before they are published, especially CMS Releases that include security fixes

  • Help improving the release process and the automation of the process

  • Help to make sure that all needed information is available for the community


Meetings Procedure Proposal (Robert)

Statement Robert: Because in voice meetings people tend to speak a lot, a meeting in a chat room with people writing messages is more focused. Furthermore people not attending can read what was discussed. My personal opinion is that meetings are boring so we should try to focus on important topics we have to discuss with a larger group. If people have to tell something, the topic should be added to the meeting document before the meeting and if possible more information about what should be discussed. One Goal is to have the meeting notes ready after the meeting.


The team agreed to follow this procedure.


Introducing Members (All)

People introduce them self.


Next Patch Release 3.6.3 (Robert)

The Next Patch Release is 3.6.3, planed schedule so far is


13. September Installation Language Freeze

20. September Language Freeze

27. September RC1

4. October RC2

11. October Stable


Patch Release 3.6.4 (Robert)

It is not clear if we are shipping a 3.6.4 this year (it will depend on when we ship 3.7.0 - see below), if we are then the schedule should be


18. October Installation Language Freeze

25. October Language Freeze

1. November RC1

8. November Stable

Next Minor Release (Robert)

The Next Minor Release is 3.7.0, if we want to ship it this year we need to set a schedule now.




4. October 3.7.0 Alpha

18. October 3.7.0 Beta1 (Installation Language Freeze)

8. November 3.7.0 Beta2 (Language Freeze)

22. November 3.7.0 RC1

29. November 3.7.0 RC2

6. December 3.7.0 Stable


George will review features over the coming days and work out if this is achievable. Most of it will be based on whether the PLT and CMS Maintainers Team feel that the Custom Fields PR is in a production ready state at this point and what kind of bugs need to be fixed. If these dates can’t be met then we will release a 3.6.4 (see above) and release 3.7.0 in the new year.

Next steps

We are seeing at the moment two parts we have to work on, one is documentation and two is testing. Our instructions must be crystal clear so that anybody knows what to do.


Marc will create the category for 3.6.3 ( and Tobias did some documentation about 3.6.3 (proofreader: Philip). This is a place where we can centralize all quick and easy fixes and tips before being fixed in the global next release.

For the testing part we are setting up an environment with real sites in a production like setup. Leo and Phil are writing a document to outline the important steps.


For further discussion we will use a private Github Repo, team members should send their account names to Robert and he will add people to the team



Release schedule patch releases #11921 (Robert)


If someone has to add something feel free to comment.