By Carlos Cámara on 2024-05-14 16:50 in Community Sites Team

TL;DR: We have two new volunteers in the Community website who will be focused on the Service Provider Directory and the Events part of the site.

Hey Joomla! family,

Since stepping into my role as DC, I’ve been diving into our department's dynamics and noticed a few areas that could really use our attention—starting with the management of our community websites.

Most of our sites are ticking along nicely with just minimal maintenance, but we’ve still got a few technical snags to sort out, as you might have seen in our GitHub Issues' repository.

Helping our fellow Joomlers showcase the magic they can create with Joomla! is super important to me. That’s why I’ve rallied our first batch of volunteers to focus on sprucing up the Service Provider Directory and the Events Directory.

I'm thrilled to let you know that two dedicated and talented Joomlers are taking the reins on this. Llewellyn van der Merwe will manage the Service Providers Directory, and Patrick Jackson will oversee the Events Directory. Both have a rich history with our community sites and are pros at managing these directories. I’m confident that they’ll have everything running smoothly in no time!

Lastly, a massive shout-out to Harald Leither for his invaluable support during my onboarding. Harald, your guidance has been crucial in helping me hit the ground running. Thanks a ton!

Looking forward to all the great things we’ll accomplish together!

Carlos Cámara
[Operations Department Coordinator]