The Community Translation Team is responsible for the localisation needed within The Joomla! Project, for sites, announcements, marketing, official extensions etc. You can find all the localised Joomla's Projects here and follow the team on Twitter.
You can also join the Community Translation Team on the dedicated room on Glip.

Please check the Core Translation Team to get involved with the translation of the Joomla! CMS itself.

Marketing & Communication
Date Started
September 2016
Joomler Position Role Date Started
87a8_123_4.jpg Marc-Antoine Thevenet Saint Martin (French part) Team Leader Sep 2016
sandra-thevenet.02.13-2.jpg Sandra Thevenet Saint Martin (French part) Assistant Team Leader French Translation Sep 2016
Arkadiy Sedelnikov Russian Federation Contributor Russian Translator Jun 2017
671d_carlos-camara_alhambra_500x500.jpg Carlos Cámara Spain Contributor Spanish Translation Jun 2017
chris-hoefliger.jpg Chris Hoefliger Contributor German Translation Jun 2017
dmitry-rekun.jpg Dmitry Rekun Latvia Contributor Russian Translator Jun 2017
21b5_IMG_2214.JPG Dwi Rianto Indonesia Contributor Indonesian Translator Jun 2017
7e42_hans-van-der-meer.jpg Hans van der Meer Netherlands Member Dutch Translation Oct 2016
Hirano Hiroko Japan Contributor Japanese Translator Jun 2017
3531_profilna-joomlers.jpg Ilija Iliev - Strumjan Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Contributor Macedonian Translator Jun 2017
9d28_isidro-baquero.png Isidro Baquero Spain Member Spanish Translation Sep 2016
5fd0_johan.jpg Johan Wagenheim Norway Contributor Norwegian Translator Jul 2017
justyna-michallek.jpg Justyna Michallek Poland Contributor Polish Translation Jun 2017
Kenneth Strømsvold Norway Contributor Norwegian Translator Jul 2017
5cbf_luca-marzo.png Luca Marzo Italy Member Italian Translator Sep 2016
1eda_martijn-maandag.png Martijn Maandag Netherlands Member Dutch Translation Sep 2016
michael-babker.jpg Michael Babker United States Member American Translation Sep 2016
924c_2016_fb_Mike.jpg Mike Brandner Germany Member German Translation Sep 2016
978b_milosz.jpg Miłosz Wojaczek Poland Contributor Polish Translation Feb 2017
6463_vejin_22.jpg Nikola M. Vejin Serbia Contributor Serbian Translation Apr 2017
3ea9_oleottosen100x100.jpg Ole Bang Ottosen Denmark Contributor Danish Translator Jun 2017
d11e_oscar-ortiz.jpg Oscar Ortiz Canada Contributor Spanish Colombian Translator Jun 2017
Peter Michnica Slovakia Contributor Slovak Translation Sep 2016
02a1_9d128b37f0082882aeae08ff376cf98e_400x400.jpeg Rene Korss Estonia Contributor Estonian Translator Jun 2017
40ec_FB_IMG_1500758052916.jpg Senol Sengul Turkey Contributor Turkish Translator Jul 2017
580d_chico.jpg Sretko Devič Slovenia Contributor Slovenian Translator Jun 2017
stefan-gagner.jpg Stefan Gagner Sweden Contributor Swedish Translator Jun 2017
d1b4_swajda.jpg Stefan Wajda Poland Contributor Polish Translation Jul 2017
stefania-gaianigo.jpg Stefania Gaianigo Italy Contributor Italian Translator Jun 2017
b60b_IMG_0086_crop.png Supachai Teasakul Thailand Contributor Thai Translator Jun 2017
e374_szekely-denes.jpg Székely Dénes Romania Contributor Hungarian Translation Oct 2016
Tobias Zulauf Germany Member German Translation Sep 2016
4671_ugur-uygur.png Ugur Uygur Turkey Contributor Turkish Translator Jul 2017
c741_photo.jpg Yongjian Zhou China Contributor Chinese Translation Apr 2017
hussien Al bosyri Syrian Arab Republic Contributor Arabic Translation Sep 2016

Community Translation Team - July 15th, 2017

By Marc-Antoine Thevenet on 2017-07-20 13:13 in Community Translation Team

Community Translation Team - July 15th, 2017   Attendees: Sandra & Marc-Antoine Thevenet   During the last weeks, the team/translators have been really active.   Sandra worked with Sander to add a Crowdin field in the Volunteers Profiles which has been achieved by...

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Community Translation Team Report

By Radek Suski on 2017-04-05 10:54 in Community Translation Team

Current state: The list of members can be found at Volunteers Portal. The team is currently looking for new team leader. Current progress of its work can be monitored at Crowdin Joomla! 3 Landing page translation Official Joomla! websites translation Official Joomla! templates...

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