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Community Translation Team - July 15th, 2017


Attendees: Sandra & Marc-Antoine Thevenet


During the last weeks, the team/translators have been really active.


  • Sandra worked with Sander to add a Crowdin field in the Volunteers Profiles which has been achieved by Sander on July 3rd.

  • She prepared a social media post/picture to inform about this new field.
    Crowdin will also see if there’s a way to have an IcoMoon for Crowdin to add to this field. Andriy will keep her informed.

  • She contacted privately during the last month approx 60 translators in order to get some projects 100% translated. Many languages have been finished, new added, for our template, extensions as well as our official websites. Many translations have been merged by Sandra, Michael and MAT.

  • Sandra asked also the main translators to register to the Volunteers Portal and added them to the team as contributors.

  • A new project has been set up by MAT for the J4 guided tour.

  • Re-organisation of the project managers.


In parallel, Tom Hutchison has updated the JDocs translation system which allows to improve the translator workflow.


A big thank you to all our translators, they’re doing a fantastic job!