By Private Profile 54576609 on 2017-08-07 06:01 in Community Translation Team

Attendees: Sandra & Marc-Antoine Thevenet


During the last weeks, the team/translators have been really active, even if it’s holiday season.



  • Sandra contacted privately during the past 3 weeks many translators in order to get the Downloads site 100% translated as a new section about our official extensions has been published and new strings needed to be translated. So far, it has been translated into  35 languages.

  • Downloads website has been published in Greek and in Bengali.

  • The team is updated regularly on the Volunteers Portal.

  • Sandra set up the project for the translation of the upcoming landing page for Joomla! 3.8 on August 5:
    On August 6, it’s already 100% in 5 languages!

  • Sandra prepared pictures + copywriting to inform our community about this new project to try to have it translated in as many languages as possible for the launch in September.




A big thank you to all our translators, they’re doing an amazing job!