By Achilleas Papageorgiou on 2019-11-04 16:28 in Privacy Compliance Team

This meeting of the Joomla! Compliance Team has been held on October 30, 2019 at 16.30 CET on Glip.


In attendance: Achilleas Papageorgiou, Luca Marzo, Sandra Decoux, Sander Potjer, Alkaios Anagnostopoulos, Donata Kalnenaite.

Discussion outline

  • Donata welcomed by the team as new member of the Compliance Team. 
  • Donata shared with the team two documents that she already reviewed; i. the current Privacy & Cookie Policy and ii. the upcoming Cookie Policy that the team had previously prepared. Luca, Sandra and Achilleas to provide feedback also on them towards the preparation of the final.
  • Sander shared with the team an update on the latest tasks completed regarding the cookie script and that the task is one step before the final testing on the test properties.
  • Achilleas shared with the team some open issues he mentioned regarding Content Security Policy (CSP) and Alkaios to share the issues on GH and report any additional issues on this task. Sander and Alkaios to collaborate on that. Team to test and provide feedback by creating GH issues. 
  • Team would like to thank Tobias for his excellent support on the cookie scripts testing needs and the CSP settings. 
  • Sander shared with the team his updates on the IdMS task and that he has been updating the test instructions. The next thing on the list for Sander is to add some proper demo consents. His estimation is that he will have it ready next week. After that the IdMS will be ready for testing.
  • Achilleas shared with Donata the team task list for her review.

Join the Compliance Team

The Joomla Compliance Team is an active and dynamic team that is currently involved in several different tasks that include legal compliance, privacy related reports, design thinking, development, document reviews and decision making, privacy consultancy, Cross-CMS collaborative activities and more. The Joomla Compliance Team is looking for new volunteers. 

Lawyers, people with legal/compliance background, GDPR/data protection specialists and developers are more than welcome to join the team. Please get in touch with Achilleas Papageorgiou 

Next meeting will take place on November 06, 2019 at 16.30 CET on Glip.

Meeting ends after 50 minutes.