By Private Profile 64bdb46e on 2020-08-19 18:25 in Privacy Compliance Team

This meeting of the Joomla! Privacy Compliance Team has been held on Glip on August 19th, 2020 at 16:30 CET. 


In attendance: 

  • Donata Kalnenaite 
  • Luca Marzo
  • Roland Dalmulder 
  • Sandra Decoux 

Discussion Outline 

  • The team discussed the Privacy Awareness Training presentation. Once all of the comments are resolved, we will disseminate the presentation to volunteers so that they can better understand and be reminded of their obligations and responsibilities when it comes to privacy. 
  • We received an application for a new team member. We agreed that he should have a Joomla! email to conduct his work and Luca will be creating this email and adding the new volunteer to our Glip channel. 
  • Donata will follow up with Hugh regarding (1) The DPA that we want all volunteers with access to personal data to sign; and (2) obtaining a list of the privacy laws that apply to us. 
  • Roland said that some volunteers responded to the consents renewal email with apathy and that it is possible that some people will not be renewing their consents. 
  • Roland stated that the following two issues should be resolved prior to sending another consents renewal email: (1) emails must be sent in both plain text and HTML; and (2) we should develop a "consent to all" button. 
  • The team discussed the fact that we are legally required (by New York law) to store some of the personal data of volunteers. 
  • We also discussed how certain volunteers are not on the VP and perform work for us on a more sporadic and unofficial basis. 
  • Donata asked the team to look at our Road Map on GitHub and assign some tasks to themselves.